Your Donations Are Used in Some of the Ways Below


Twice a week we transport our students from their communities to our campus. We do this because they lack access to ICT Laboratories in their school

Provision of Teaching and Learning Materials

From textbooks to stationaries, we provide all the educational items used for the running of the program.

Physical Provisions

We take care of some basic physical needs of students from humble backgrounds. This includes provison of food during each session

Field Trips

We endeavour to take our students to visit tech industries and experience firsthand some of the things they have been taught

Website Maintenance

Your generous donations help to keep our website up and running and to create awareness for this noble cause


Since we are curently in the expansion phase, plans are under way to include more students from rural communities who we may not be able to bring to campus This might mean that we will need to provide more teaching and learning materials, such as projectors and computers